The 1st edition of the Brazil Innovation Summit is focused on
“Innovation Ecosystems: Creative, Connected and Competitive”

In biology, the word ecosystem means a set of communities that, the same takes place when different actors, like technology companies, universities, investors, foundations, governments and society, come together to promote the growth of innovation and collaborate with each other.

Hence, an “innovation ecosystem” is the group of actors and mechanisms that stimulate cooperation, with focal points for the promotion of new talent, environments, rounds of negotiations, meetings, new ideas, projects, etc.

And the attributes “creative”, “connected” and “competitive” come to further enrich this ecosystem of innovation. Even if significant of time technology companies always deal with what’s new; and the challenges are constant.


National Network of Innovation and Investment Associations – RNAII

The RNAII is an unprecedented initiative of major entities stimulating innovative entrepreneurship on behalf of the entire Brazilian science, technology and innovation ecosystem. Made up of Abipti (Brazilian Association of Technological Research and Innovation Institutions); ABstartup (Brazilian Association of Startups); Abvcap (Brazilian Association of Private Equity & Venture Capital); Anjos do Brasil; ANPEI (National Association of Research and Development of Innovative Companies); Anprotec (National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises) and Fortec (National Forum of Managers in Innovation and Technology Transfer), the Network forms a chain with thousands of associates featuring various backgrounds for effective collaboration and the strengthening of public and private partnerships focused on transforming knowledge into wealth.

abipti logo

Brazilian Association of Technological Research and Innovation Institutions (Abipti)

ABIPTI is a nonprofit association that gathers 138 public and private institutes of scientific research and technological development and is present in the five regions and 27 states in Brazil. Since its founding in 1980, it has promoted the insertion and participation of its members in ST&I policies, as well as in bringing these entities closer to the productive sector. It directly collaborated with the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications in holding the National ST&I Conferences. It created the S&T Management project, one of the leading public policy communication vehicles in the sector and promoted various training activities to improve the management practices of ICTs, preparation and execution of research and innovation projects, and others.

abstartups logo Innovation Summit Brasil 2019

Brazilian Association of Startups (ABstartup)

In 2011, startups were new in Brazil, and some people in different places had begun to realize this. Gradually, entrepreneurs from Mato Grosso do Sul, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janeiro, initially, were connecting to broaden this budding movement. ABStartup sprang out of this group. The goal was to create a network of connections to learning, development and the creation of opportunities for associates. The Association exists to build the ideal environment for startups to transform the country, and in this way ABstartup inspires, empowers, connects and advocates for startup companies because it believes in the role of innovation as a driving force for the positive transformation of the country.

abvcap logo

Brazilian Association of Private Equity & Venture Capital (ABVCAP)

A non-profit association whose mission is to represent participants in the private equity, seed and venture capital industry in Brazil. Its purpose is to incentivize and encourage long-term investments in these fields, attracting new investors and seeking the best regulatory environment for these investments that are aligned with international best practices. With over 18 years of activity in the market, Abvcap has more than 200 associated institutions, including fund managers, corporate ventures, institutional investors and service providers, who work and offer advice to participants, 23% of them coming from overseas.

Anjos do Brasil logo

Anjos do Brasil

Anjos do Brasil is a non-profit organization for educational purposes that was established to encourage Brazilian entrepreneurship by spreading awareness, connecting supporters (angel investors) to new entrepreneurs, and promoting public policies to stimulate and advance economic development and social development in Brazil. Based on studies, the organization proves that angel investment support is essential for accelerating business growth in order to create higher-skilled jobs and higher value-added businesses.

Anpei logo

National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies (ANPEI)

As an entity representing innovative multi-sector companies and institutions – assembling more than 250 associates of various sizes along with leaders of major chains, Anpei works with government agencies, productive sectors and opinion leaders by disseminating the importance of technological innovation for the competitiveness of companies and industries, as well as the development of Brazil. In addition to its political activities, the Association spreads the word about the culture of innovation through programs like its annual conference, continuing education program, and Thematic Committees, who meet monthly to debate and share experiences.

anprotec logo Innovation Summit Brasil 2019

National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec)

Works with over 350 associates, including business incubators, technology parks, accelerators, coworkers, teaching and research institutions, public agencies and other entities linked to entrepreneurship and innovation. A leader of the movement in Brazil, it operates through the promotion of training activities, coordination of public policies, the generation and spread of knowledge. Assured in the work done by the institutions it represents, it contributes to innovative entrepreneurship, along with several partners involved in each of its actions, making a decisive contribution to Brazil’s sustainable development.

fortec logo Innovation Summit Brasil 2019

Brazilian Forum of Innovation and Technology Transfer Managers (Fortec)

Fortec is a Civil Private non-profit organization that represents the managers and people dedicated to implementing policies that promote and support innovation, the transfer of technology, publicity about the culture, and valuing and the protecting intellectual property. Founded in 2006 as a Forum, it became an Association in 2011 with the same mission of enhancing and diffusing the role of ST&I entities in the country.


sebrae logo

Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises – SEBRAE

SEBRAE is a development and technical assistance agency for micro and small businesses accounts for 99% of Brazilian enterprises, or 9.1 million micro and small businesses, with more than 4.2 million of these being Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI – Microempreendedores Individuais). Sebrae also serves more than 153,000 family farmers. The institution has about 700 service throughout the country, a Call Center and a portal.

Local organization

acate logo

Association of Technology Companies of Santa Catarina – ACATE

A leading representative of innovative entrepreneurship in Santa Catarina, Acate is a network focused on lending support, training and inspiration to entrepreneurs. Its mission is to support the local ecosystem – from startups to large companies – creating links to strengthen the technology sector in the state. With over 1,200 associates in 13 hubs of innovation and state of the art technology, the organization also has offices in São Paulo and in Boston, USA.

Certi logo

Foundation Centers for Benchmarks in Innovative Technologies

Certi is a technological innovation organization that creates custom projects for companies, the government and the third party sector in Brazil and worldwide. It devises a multitude of technologies in its various Business Units, covering innovative technological solutions in Intelligent Systems, Big Data and the Internet of Things, Digital Convergence, Mechatronics, Embedded Systems, Sustainable Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Planning, Improvements in Control and Quality, Instrumentation and Testing, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Corporate Innovation, Strategic Business Analysis, Business Incubation and the Green Economy.